HG2BG will be a hybrid symposium: in-person and Zoom. Please contact us via our symposium email (hitchhikersguide2biogal@gmail.com) for any questions.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy Sympsoium (HG2BG) website!

In-person Check-in will be in the Lobby of Armstrong throughout the Symposium! For the poster session on May 12th, we will be walking everyone over the PMU South Ballroom at 10:40 am from the AMRSTRONG lobby. Even number poster set-up will begin then followed by Poster Session 1. Lunch will be in the PMU South Ballroom. Towards the end of lunch (12:50-12:59 pm), odd poster numbers will begin set-up before the second poster session at 1:00 pm. 

This year's annual symposium will be on May 11th - 12th, 2022 in person and via Zoom. Use this Zoom link to attend virtually! Registration is now closed. Registrants after April 19th have not beenincluded in planning for meals. Those who have registered before April 19th will be given tickets for their meals while those registered after April 19th will not. 


The focus of our meeting is to highlight the cutting edge research that graduate students, postdocs, and faculty are doing at Purdue and other Midwest Universities. As well, we will have important discussions about topis in STEM, workshops, and networking events (sponsored by the Biophysical Society (BPS)) We would like to thank our judges, IT support (Purdue iTaP), faculty advisors, presenters, speakers, and attendees for all of their help, support, and input leading up to and during the symposium. We cannot do this without you!



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