HG2BG will be an in-person symposium. Please contact us via our symposium email (hitchhikersguide2biogal@gmail.com) for any questions.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy Symposium (HG2BG) landing page!

The 8th iteration of this annual symposium was held on on Tuesday, May 16th, and Wednesday, May 17th.

The focus of our meeting was to highlight the cutting-edge biophysical research that graduate students, postdocs, and faculty were doing at universities around the Midwest.


Congratulations to the oral and poster presentation winners!

Oral Presentations:

1st place --- Isaiah Mensah



2nd place --- Harrison McNabb


3rd place --- Brandi McKnight


Poster Presentations:

1st place (tie) --- Sarah Stanhope & Sydney Beechboard


2nd place --- Tyler Pikes
3rd place --- Paola Vega-Rodriguez